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    Process IT Development provides consulting services in the following areas:

    •  HMI Operability Studies 
      A human-oriented approach to design of the control system interface is vital to ensure that the operator is able to monitor and control the plant safely and efficiently.


    •  Alarm Management 
      In recent years there has been increasing focus on the importance of a properly designed alarm system.

      When DCS and SCADA systems were first introduced it was easy (and inexpensive) to simply add more and more alarms to the system without considering the overall effect. This was frequently done on the basis of "if in doubt, generate an alarm".

      This led to situations where there are simply too many alarms - often more of a nuisance than providing the operator with clear advice concerning the state of the process.

      More recently, publication of EEMUA 191 and initiatives of industry groups such as the ASM Consortium have led, quite rightly, to much-needed reassessment of alarm systems, particularly from a viewpoint of alarm rates. The number of alarms occurring in a 10 minute interval is now a common benchmark for assessing alarm system performance.

      Process IT Development is currently involved in an multi-facility alarm systems evaluation project for a major client in Norway, and also on a similar project for a customer in the UK.


    •  Operator Training 
      There are two main areas where we provide Operator Training:
      1. Assisting the operators with getting up to speed on a new DCS or SCADA system
      2. Working with simulation systems providers to build operator training simulators. One of our partner companies, Advanced Process Engineering and Simulation Services (APESS), is particularly experienced in this area.