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Ping Utility and ActiveX Control

On a DCS or SCADA system, it is often very useful to be able to determine whether the other nodes on a network are operational.

This can be achieved using a command such as PING, which is available as a command line utility from the Windows DOS or Command prompt.

Ping uses ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol), which like TCP, is one of the protocols that make up the IP protocol suite.

The Process IT Development Ping Utility is a Windows version of the command-line utility: Download.

The ping functionality is implemented using an ActiveX Control (OCX), which is part of the application download. It is possible to use the ActiveX control in other ActiveX control containers, but this requires that a license be purchased for the OCX.

Please contact us if you would like a license. The current cost is US$20 per machine. If using the ActiveX control separately, then unlicensed copies will default to pinging the localhost.