Subsea Control Systems

 Valve Profiles 

A profile, or footprint, of a subsea valve captures the valve's actuator pressure as it opens or closes, the valve open profile being the most useful.

By comparing profiles taken at various points during the operating life of the valve (pre and post installation, and then in operation), it allows maintenance personnel to confirm that the valve is operating correctly and to perform troubleshooting when problems are suspected.




  • The well and valve are selected from the dropdown boxes on the left hand side, although only one well and three valves are shown here
  • The profiles available for that well and valve are shown in the list box. More than one profile can be selected, by holding down the control key while selecting.
  • Press the Display button to show the profiles, which are retrieved from the profile database. Note that the profiles shown here are static, and have been generated using up to four profiles for comparison.