Process Trend 

    Process Trend ActiveX Control

    The Process IT Development Process Trend is an Active X Control (OCX) that can be embedded within an operator graphic or web page to provide both real-time and historical trending.


    • Real time trending, with 1 second resolution
    • Historical trending from Honeywell PHD
    • Zoom-In with automatic data refresh
    • Vertical hairline cursor
    • Numeric display of either current (real-time) values or vertical cursor values
    • Wide selection of timebases (configurable) and historical data types (snapshots or averages)
    • Colour-coded left and right axes

    The main graphing functionality is provided by the Flipper Graph Control, from ProWorks LLC. This is a commercially available Active X control which is capable of many different types of graphs. For example, in addition to the two-dimensional X-Y graphs used here, it is also capable of pie charts, radar-style plots and three dimensional plots.

    More information on the Flipper Graph Control can be found on the Proworks web site: www.proworks.com.

    A full working version of the Process Trend OCX is available on the Installation page.

    This Process Trend OCX uses a license key. If the license key is not present, the OCX will operate in demonstration mode, which simply means that some text to that effect will be prominently displayed.

    The version as downloaded includes two web pages, which allow allow the Process Trend OCX to be used as follows:

    • Connecting to an existing PHD historian. This requires the user to edit the HTML file to specify the correct PHD server name.
    • Connecting to the Visual PHD Emulator. This allows the Trend OCX to be tested without a PHD historian.