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     Gas Compressibility Web Service 
    One of Process IT Development's products is the ZCalc Service, a Windows application (which can also be configured to run as a service) that calculates the gas compressibility factor online.

    The same gas compressibility calculations using the Peng-Robinson EOS have been built as Web Service. Refer to the full definition of the web service for more information.

    The Web Service is free to use, and can be accessed by following the links above.

    This web page (zclient.aspx) is a demonstration of the gas compressibility calculations that are provided in the ZCalc Service, and also as a demonstration of the Web Service.

    This ASP.NET page consumes the zCalcSvc Web Service. Note that it is just one way that a web service can be consumed (or used) - in fact a more common web service consumer would be a desktop application running on your PC.

    Critical Pressure bar A
    Critical Temperature K
    Acentric Factor  
    Pressure bar A
    Temperature K