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      Systems Engineering

     Distributed Control Systems 
    Process IT can provide systems engineering expertise for a number of process control systems:

    • Honeywell TDC3000
    • Honeywell Plantscape
    • Foxboro IA
    • Siemens WinCC

     Honeywell TDC3000 
    Process IT has a considerable depth of experience on TDC3000, and in particular can provide expertise in the following areas:

    • GUS
      • Graphics development
      • ActiveX control development
      • Graphics optimization
      • Remote GUS Installation and Troubleshooting

    • HPM/APM
      • Database development
      • Application development

    • Application Module (AM)
      • Application development

    • PLC Gateway (PLCG)
      • Database development

    • Systems Migration
      • Database (MFC to HPM)
      • Applications (SOPL to HPM/CL)

    Recent projects:

    • Shell Goldeneye
    • Total Lindsey Oil Refinery
    • Conoco Philips Whitegate Refinery (Irish Refining)
    • BP Coryton
    • Woodside Energy Laminaria FPSO

     Honeywell PlantScape 
    Process IT has a considerable depth of experience on PlantScape/Experion.

    • Graphics Development

      From PlantScape release 400 onwards, PlantScape has two graphics engines (dsp graphics and HMI Web graphics). Process IT is one of the only UK-based engineering firms with experience of both graphics engines

    • Applications Development
      • OPC Servers
      • Custom Applications

    Recent projects:

    • Elan Pharmaceuticals
    • Talisman Tartan

     Foxboro IA 
    Recent projects:

    • Ras Laffan Liquified Natural Gas (RasGas)

     Siemens WinCC 
    WinCC is primarily a graphics platform. We can provide expertise in the following areas:

    • Graphics Development
      • Active X Control Development

    • OPC
      • OPC Integration

    Recent projects:

    • Norsk Hydro Tune
    • Stena Don