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      Subsea Control Systems

    Process IT Development has been involved with the design, development and implementation of a number of different subsea control systems.

     Integrated Subsea Control Systems 
    This section describes the integration of the subsea control system with the Honeywell HPM.

     OPC Servers 
    As an alternative to integrated subsea control systems, OPC provides an industry-standard interface designed to allow for rapid systems integration.

    We're currently developing OPC servers for subsea control systems integration as part of our OPC development program. While there are definitely advantages with using OPC, there are also some benefits from using a subsea control system that is integrated into the DCS.

    We are more than happy to discuss the technical merits of these two approaches - please contact us for more information.

     Valve Profiles 
    A frequent application involves recording the actuator pressure profile of subsea valves. This section describes a web-based application for viewing these profiles.

    In addition to implementing the subsea control system, we often provide consulting services related to the operation of subsea wells. In this section we discuss the following:

    • Well Flowrate Calculations
    • Hydrate Alarming

     Well Simulation 
    This section highlights our web-based well simulator.